Where did FORCE come from?

FORCE, the Forum for Constructing Excellence, was formed following a period of consultation which started in late 2000, between local construction leaders and the local Learning and Skills Council.

The proposal was that a Forum was needed, to not only address serious issues regarding skills and labour shortage, but also to take forward a spirit of change in the industry, a spirit that would embody the philosophy of the Government’s report, Rethinking Construction.

The spirit of change included improvements that were synonymous with changes being made in other similarly large, high profile industries, and industries embracing these changes were showing positive results for their Industry as well as for their clients and the businesses involved. Such improvements included better predictability, fewer defects, fewer accidents, increased productivity and, ultimately, increased turnover and profit.

By embracing the improvements, the Industry will improve its service to its clients. The approach taken by FORCE is to embrace the spirit of change for the better, and to work as a coordinated and coherent Industry, in the interests of our clients.

Since 2000, FORCE has evolved into the local Best Practice and Constructing Excellence Club, and is now encompassed within the Constructing Excellence movement nationally, as well as the West Midlands Centre for Constructing Excellence regionally.

Membership is open to all stakeholders in the construction industry – from training providers and colleges, through suppliers, contractors and consultants, to property agents, clients and end users.

The Forum’s objectives galvanise our Industry players to try to work together to improve our Industry through sharing best practice, developing business through networking, and  encourage business development through opportunity sharing and training.

The Forum also gives the public a “one stop shop” face to contact  local construction  businesses and direct construction related issues to members.

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