Dhiran Vagdia, Architect, Vagdia and Holmes, Chartered Architects, says;

"I have been a member of FORCE since 2001, and have always enjoyed the role they play in the construction industry. FORCE outwardly represents our entire construction sector, helps raised awareness for new business opportunities for all, and works to improve our industry - both in terms of best practice, but also the public perception."


Brian Dickinson, from Do-little Consulting Ltd & CU Sustainable Building Futures, says;

"Why did I join FORCE?  I'm passionate about helping local businesses get the most from the emerging markets for sustainable construction and renewable technology. These developments are the key for the prosperity of the region and quality of life for us all.

FORCE, with its diverse membership and powerful links, provides a superb platform for collaboration and is an ideal catalyst for opening new markets. FORCE members have more power working together than they have operating individually.

As a business consultant and independent change agent, FORCE keeps me in the thick of the action. Here I can make a real difference through my work with individuals or groups of businesses.

Lets work together, as the Americans say 'Step up to the Plate'. Take part to maximise the business benefit from your FORCE membership."


Stuart Crowther, Sales Director at Meer End Bespoke Staircases, Joinery & Window Specialists, says;

"I went along to a FORCE breakfast meeting after being introduced by Dhiran Vagdia.  I found the subject matter very useful and informative. It was also a great way to meet local and national contacts from the construction industry.

In fact we are now in the process of working with a contact I met at the meeting on a multi million pound project as well as quoting for jobs that came via other FORCE members. I look forward to being more involved with FORCE in the future."